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Experienced Arizona Land Surveyors

About PLSA

Professional Land Surveys of Arizona (PLSA) has been providing experienced, professional surveying services in the State of Arizona since 1987.  Whether you are a homeowner, contractor / builder, an architect or realtor, we can provide the exact surveying services you need.  Our experienced team will guide you through the survey process and ensure your project is done on time and on budget.

About The Surveyor

David Hornor is a professional land surveyor in Arizona.  David started Professional Land Surveys of Arizona (PLSA) in 1987 and has been conducting land surveys in Arizona since that time.  During his career as an Arizona land surveyor David has surveyed in most parts of Arizona and brings an unmatched level of expertise.  As an Arizona land surveyor David specializes in residential related surveys such as:
Finding the right Arizona land surveyor is an important aspect to any land survey.  You want to ensure that you are working with a professional who has the experience to reconcile conditions that have existed in the field for years with the recorded data on an older filed plat. Call us and allow our surveyor to resolve your dilemma.

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